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11 OCTOBER 2023: Lose yourself in a surreal, psycho-horror dreamscape as you investigate a mysterious cult in Malibu with Dead Island 2 Haus, the first story expansion for Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Haus takes players to a completely new story, where a secret billionaire’s techno-death cult fights for survival amidst the Zompocalypse.

Haus is a paragon of a new future, as prophesied by their enigmatic leader Konstantin. Players will battle through Haus with new weapons and cards, as they face legions of zombies intent on their slaughter.

Haus will be available on PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store) on 2 November.
Haus is set in a completely new location, a mysterious and stylish villa in Malibu where the boundaries of morality are pushed to the limit.

This nightmarish location serves as both a sanctuary and a machine to strip away flesh and harvest the soul. Players will weave through the deranged labyrinth of biomes where rational architecture is subverted by expanding narrative spaces.

Players will have new slaying tools to survive the horror:  

  • K-ROSSBOW – crafted for precision and lethality, unleash devastating long-range firepower and explode zombified brains with ease
  • Hog Roaster – the ultimate ticket to visceral slaying whilst you simultaneously butcher and BBQ zombies
  • Dead Islands – to take the weight off your shoulders whilst you smash the undead enemies into oblivion
  • 8 New Skill Cards – will embellish player’s slayer with and expanded arsenal of skills

Latest assets can be found here:
Title: Dead Island 2 Haus
Platform: PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (Epic Games)
Genre: Horror, First Person Action RPG, Apocalyptic-Zombie-Blood Fest
Developer: Dambuster Studios
Publisher: PLAION
Release Date: Dead Island 2 already available. Dead Island 2 Haus coming 2 November
Facebook: @DeadIslandGame
Twitter: @DeadIslandGame
Instagram: @DeadIslandGame

About Deep Silver Dambuster Studios
Deep Silver Dambuster Studios is a AAA game developer with a heritage spanning over 20 years, with around 170 designers, narrators, artists, programmers and engineers making up the talented team. 
Established in Nottingham (UK), the studio was founded by a passionate team of games industry veterans, with the genesis of the studio traced back to the late 1990s, when several people formed Free Radical Design where they worked on TimeSplitters.  
In 2014 the studio was acquired by Deep Silver and rebranded Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. It released Homefront: The Revolution for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2016. In the 12 months following the launch of Homefront it released additional Resistance Mode content and three individual story expansions; The Voice of Freedom, Aftermath and the final story bookend, Beyond the Walls.  
The studio is now developing the next instalment in the highly successful Dead Island series of games.  
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