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Milan, Italy, January 24, 2024. Five months after the game’s launch, Milestone announces a host of new content to let the RIDE 5 community race even further. On January 24, a new patch will be released introducing some of the most eagerly awaited features: the online Race Creator and the Riding School.  
For the first time in the series, RIDE 5 introduced the Race Creator, giving players the opportunity to design their own races and championships. So far, everything created in the Race Creator was for offline only. With the new patch, the Race Creator gets upgraded as players can now share their competitions online and download the events created by others. Designed to ensure longevity and let players express their creativity, the online features of the Race Creator also include a new tab showing the most downloaded events, the possibility to create and share custom logos for each competition as well as to set up events with specific suits, helmets, and liveries made by the community with the in-game editors. Finally, it will also be possible to modify riders' information such as name and nationality. 
The online functionalities of the Race Creator will give RIDE 5 a new twist, but that’s not all. The introduction of the Riding School is another major point of the patch. This is an entirely new game mode in which players can put themselves to the test over all the tracks in the game, bit by bit: every track is divided into four sectors, with their specific times to beat and related medals (bronze, silver, gold). After obtaining at least a bronze medal in every sector, the final challenge will be unlocked: a complete lap to beat within the set time. In this new game mode players will learn how to handle specific portions of the tracks in order to master them from start to finish, taking their riding skills to the next level.
The new patch will be available on January 24 for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and Epic.

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