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Sneak Peak At Floodland’s Intro Sequence Highlights Mood and Artistic Flavour

(17:00 CET, 08/11/22) Cologne, Germany: With only one week until Vile Monarch’s post-catastrophic survival city builder Floodland – published by Ravenscourt – makes a splash on Steam, the time is right to reveal the titles price, which will be £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99 

Coinciding with this, the developers have unveiled part of the games intro sequence, which gives players an insight into the mood and atmosphere surrounding the nomadic bands they are leading in their quest for survival. 

Watch the intro here: and download the source file here: 

Starting off on the outskirts of a drowned city, players lead your small group of nomads, rebuilding society from the swampy-ground up. Users do this by exploring the remains of the flooded city and scouring it for resources, relearning basic agriculture and fishing skills and turning a group of stragglers living in tents in a swamp into a thriving town.  

Players do this through establishing and upgrading new buildings, repurposing old ones and researching ‘new’ (or relearning old tech) enabling you to overcome the numerous challenges you face.  

But people will be people and the larger your settlement grows - and the more habitants it will have -  the higher the chance societal issues will arise, meaning you may well face the same problems the old world had.  

The question is, how will you manage your clans; will you unite the remnant of humanity or will you choose division and isolation? Either way, you will shape the society of tomorrow. 



Name: Floodland 

Developers: Vile Monarch 

Genre: Survival Society/City-Builder 

Platform: Steam 

Release window: 15 November 

Engine: Unity 

Supported Languages: EN / PL / FR / DE / ES / IT / RU /CN / KR / PT 

Press Assets: 


Vile Monarch was founded in 2015 by Kacper Kwiatkowski and Grzegorz Mazur, both of whom worked on ‘This War of Mine’ – before starting a studio that created titles such Weedcraft Inc, Oh...Sir! and Growing Up, securing a number of awards.  Other members of the team include Konrad Czernik – who worked on Dying Light 2 and was the art director of Shadow Warrior 3; Kuba Pałyska - one of the designers on Hard West and composer Piotr Musiał whose credits include Frostpunk, The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine, This War of Mine and many more. The studio is now 80 persons strong, working on 3 different titles, and continues to expand, with teams working in both Warsaw and  Wrocław. 

About Ravenscourt 

Established in 2014 - and operating from its Munich headquarters in Germany - Ravenscourt’s mission is delivering amazing games to a broad audience from both established studios and industry newcomers. With a diverse portfolio, managing the titles of multiple international studios, Ravenscourt games span everything from adventure and management sims through to city builders and indie gems. The label even boasts a good old sing-along karaoke franchise. Our players delight in engrossing narrative driven adventures, relish the challenge of building new worlds and love solving puzzles.