Shape Your Destiny in The Ground-Breaking Action RPG, Available Now at Half Price on PC and Console

Prague, Czech Republic 17:00 CEST 27 September 2023 – GoldKnights and PLAION announced today a major new update to the ground-breaking action RPG, The Last Oricru. Available on console and PC today, The Last Oricru - Final Cut adds a raft of new features and quality of life improvements to the game which is available digitally on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, for an all-new SRP of €19.99, a massive 50% reduction from the original price!
An action-based RPG like no other, the tale of The Last Oricru - Final Cut unfolds across the mysterious world of Wardenia, an alien planet on the brink of all-out war. Taking interactive storytelling to the next level, The Last Oricru - Final Cut features a fantasy world blending sci-fi and medieval elements to deliver a thrilling experience like no other. On Warenia gamers assume the role of Silver, a hero destined to seize his destiny in an epic adventure, which can be enjoyed in single player mode, or co-op via online or couch play.
Ditching the linear narrative commonplace to RPG adventures, The Last Oricru - Final Cut relies on the player to make decisions that are destined to shape their experience. With multiple conflicting races to placate, a deep and impactful combat system to master and danger lurking behind every corner, each and every decision takes the story in new and unexpected directions, presenting a truly unique adventure that’s different for every player.
First available in late 2022, The Last Oricru - Final Cut is a re-imagining of the game, stacked with significant updates and delivering a refreshed gameplay experience designed to offer greater depth, new content and significant gameplay changes based on community feedback. Ideal for novice adventurers and seasoned vets alike, The Last Oricru - Final Cut is back and better than ever! Some of the exciting new features include:

  • Smoother difficulty progression, accessible to novice gamers and passionate RPG gamers.
  • In-game map introduced including navigation points and objectives
  • All-new hint system including short tutorials and opportunities for gamers to master in-game mechanics.
  • Two all-new locations to explore complete with new puzzles and bonus rewards.
  • Huge update to online co-op play. Optimised net code producing a more stable experience.
  • Combat improvements include improved parry system and stamina management.
  • Improvements to boss fights throughout the game with special emphasis on the final two bosses
  • Steam Deck optimisation for PC gamers, providing a fluid, stable experience for on-the-go gamers.
  • New pricing providing exceptional value for money.

Commenting on the new update, Vladimír Geršl, Executive Producer of GoldKnights said, “We’re humbled that so many gamers are enjoying their time on Wardenia, creating their own stories with impactful choices to make. For us, our community is everything and we’ve taken our time to hear what players are telling us and embark on hugely significant updates to expand their experience. The changes available via our new update are not simple window dressings, instead, the entire game has been radically improved from easier navigation, more intense combat, smoother difficulty progression and so much more. We can’t wait for new gamers to discover The Last Oricru - Final Cut and look forward to hearing from those already embarking on their adventures in Wardenia.” 

The Last Oricru - Final Cut is available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X

PlayStation 5
Xbox Series
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About GoldKnights
GoldKnights was founded in 2015 by P.J. Strnad. From the beginning the focus has been on game development, with initial financing coming through the development of commercial software — one of the most successful being a software suite for Amazon sellers, During that initial phase GoldKnights began work on its first premium title, LostHero.
In the spring of 2019 a very important member came aboard the GoldKnights team — Vladimír Geršl. Vlad managed to raise the overall quality of the game, while scaling the entire enterprise to a studio of 40 working from Europe and the US.
After exhibiting at multiple shows, such as GDS Prague, Digital Dragons, GamesCom and others, GoldKnights managed to close a deal with KochMedia. Shortly after that partnership was forged, the game was renamed from LostHero to The Last Oricru.

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